Are you a CPA?

No I am not a CPA. I applied and was accepted from the Colorado State Board of Accountancy to sit for the CPA exam but I decided not to pursue a CPA designation. Why? I wanted my focus to be on tax code and tax law which is why I proceeded with my master’s degree in taxation from the University of Denver. In this graduate program, I spent 3 years learning and studying everything tax. Most don’t realize that a CPA designation is mostly designed and tested for auditing so one can give qualified opinions on financial statements. The CPA exam only covers about 12% on taxation. I am not interested in being an auditor now or in the future and prefer covering 100% on taxation for my clients.

Even though I am not a CPA, I voluntarily participate in the IRS Annual Filing Season Program which requires tax preparers to take 16 hours of continuing education, including 2 hours of ethics, and pass a tax update test every year. Being in this IRS program also gives me representation rights which means I can represent clients whose returns I have prepared and signed before revenue agents, customer service representatives, and IRS employees including the Taxpayer Advocate Service. I also maintain an active Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) with the IRS and adhere to the same Treasury Department Circular 230 Federal Regulations that CPA’s do.

Why choose you?

Unlike with the bigger firms, I am invested in learning about your business and building a long trusted relationship with you. To me, it is not about the number of clients I have but the quality and value I can provide. Most CPA’s have others do the work while they just sign their name on the bottom line. When you contact your firm to ask questions they usually can’t answer right away because they don’t know you or your business. The bigger firms also have high turnover and there are different people every year which means having to explain your situation every year and having to trust someone different every year. If you choose me, I will be the one doing the work, I will be the one investing the time to understand you and your business, I will be the one that can answer your questions when you call, I will be the same one year after year, and I will be the one giving you the full attention and support that you deserve.

Do you have an office?

I work remotely out of my home office in Englewood which means I can offer you more affordable rates without the overhead costs of a big office or staff. I can come to you to meet you at your house or a nearby coffee shop to make it more comfortable and convenient for you!

Who are your associates?

Since I don’t have a staff or plans to grow into a large firm, I can’t be an expert in everything and will rely on my network of trusted colleagues who are lawyers, enrolled agents, financial planners, insurance providers and payroll experts to help me further support you with any additional services you may require.