I have been practicing in the accounting and tax field for over 12 years. I have a wide range of experiences being in government, corporate and public accounting.

I originally became interested in accounting and tax at the young age of 20 when I started working for a small family owned wholesale business in Denver while going to school. Being in a small family business, I learned to wear lots of different hats and encountered my first opportunity at setting up and using QuickBooks and filing quarterly taxes. I quickly realized that I enjoyed working with numbers and that it came easy to me. I started taking accounting classes and graduated summa cum laude with a B.S. degree in accounting from Regis University. At that time, I had gotten a job with the State of Colorado Department of Revenue Business Tax Division where I reviewed and analyzed large piles of sales tax returns from multiple location businesses for compliance. I then moved to Arapahoe County and worked in the Finance Department as the only sales tax analyst making sure the county was receiving the correct sales tax revenue to fund the open space program. I was then promoted to a staff accountant position where I was responsible for the tracking and accounting of all fixed assets for the entire county and preparing annual financial reports. Being on the government side of things made me understand how complicated and frustrating it is for business owners to comply with all the confusing tax laws. I am very grateful for my government experience because it gave me an advantage having to know and understand their procedures and expectations on the collection side. I decided to leave government for corporate experience and started working in the tax department at Xcel Energy. There, I prepared very large high dollar tax returns every month and was on the other side of things making sure Xcel was filing everything correctly and timely with governmental entities. I left Xcel Energy for public accounting experience and worked at a large local firm where I got exposed to filing for many different industries and entities ranging from large C or S corporations, partnerships, non-profits, LLC’s, and individuals. While working in public accounting, I also pursued and completed my master’s degree in taxation from the University of Denver.

After all these experiences and knowledge gained over the years, I decided to start my own company and apply what I have learned to help small businesses and entrepreneurs across Colorado.